Inspiring educators, motivating clients,
and empowering parents


Andree Palmgren

Relationships are the heartbeat of my work. Whether it's with an individual client, facilitating a parenting group, or running workshops, these interactions set the stage for important work to unfold. As an educator, therapist and parent, I have a unique and broad perspective and I enjoy using this insight to help clients become agents of the changes they want to see for themselves in their day-to-day life and work.


"I look forward to coming to group each week because we have been able to bond, feel safe in sharing our stories, and get support from one another about so many current and future issues we deal with as parents." Member, Parenting Group, Spring 2019

“Andree is a true educator at heart. She has wonderful skills which she uses to effectively engage her students, from children to adults. I found her to be incredibly thought provoking, useful, and empowering.”— CAIS Program Participant